Consumer Help – Terms of Use

We have set up our business directory in response to requests from our website visitors, who asked for business details in their area.

Where it became a big job to respond to every enquiry individually, we decided to add a directory to our website, where consumers can find businesses in their area.

We list companies who offer work for the outside of your home. 

Our current categories include:

  • Driveway Companies
  • Landscapers and Garden Designers
  • Garden Centres
  • Building and Renovation
  • Conservatories
  • House Painters
  • Garage Door Companies
  • Gate Companies
  • Outdoor Living Shops
  • Security 

We include contact details including a website link and social media links. We also add some images of work undertaken by the listed company. We may create a ‘featured’ post on a particular company/installer showcasing their products and/or services.

While many businesses are reputable and deliver fantastic results, jobs can go wrong for many reasons. 

And many problems between businesses and consumers arise from expectations of the end result, which is more often than not due to a lack of clear communication of what the job entails.

As such it’s always best to ensure there is a written ‘scope of works’ included in any quotation you obtain.

Ultimately it is up to you who you consent to providing work or services to your home or business, it’s your home/business after all.

Other points for consideration:

You must make a decision as to your quality expectations and perform appropriate due diligence on who you decide to appoint.

Due diligence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Checking previous work from different time periods.
  • Testimonials from other customers.
  • Evaluation of reviews and their source and authenticity.
  • Conducting searches on the internet including on companies house website.
  • Consulting with your local trading standards office.

Using comparison and trade checking websites are useful but do have limitations. Whilst some organisations perform very strong checks other types of trade platforms do not.

It’s very easy to obtain positive reviews, set up a Limited Company and obtain insurance thus providing a sense of credibility. These elements are useful but should be used in conjunction with some or all of the points above.

Ultimately, people buy people. Trust your instincts and only proceed once you are fully satisfied that your appointed company/installer will complete work as instructed.

If things go wrong?

Any product or service can fall below expectations. That’s why we emphasis that a detailed ‘scope of works’ is obtained at the outset. If you are unhappy at the end of an installation/project (or during) it’s important that you express your dissatisfaction to your appointed representative. Normally, issues can be resolved to mutual satisfaction. If not, you may have to take matters to your Local Trading Standards team and/or ultimately pursue a claim through the court system.

Likewise, if you purchase items via a third party ensure you review the contractual terms and refund/return policy.


If you have a complaint regarding a business on the Driveway Directory please email and provide full details.